Medicaid Technologies

Below are some of the services that we are able to provide to our Medicaid waiver clients:


Real-time surveillance systems

Surveillance systems allow you to see what is happening in any room from any TV in your household at any time. This offers your loved ones the chance to develop their skills without the feeling of somebody looking over their shoulder.

Talking security systems

Our security systems come equipped with keypads and sensors on all interior and exterior doors and windows. The main control panel will alert you with a human voice when a door or window have been opened. Systems can also be programmed to call you and or 911. These systems can make life a lot easier when dealing with children that are very mobile. They are simple to operate and provide excellent security benefits.

Wireless & Bluetooth peripherals

We have a multitude of options when it comes to computer components that encourage mobility and flexibility for clients while they working on the computer. We can also provide  special needs keyboards and peripherals. Call us for a free at home consultation to discuss what we can do for you.

Plasma and LCD televisions

When it comes to integrating your home technologies into your television, you can count on our trained technicians. We can help integrate your home network and home surveillance systems into one seamless easy-to-use system. We have several clients that use the picture-in-picture feature to keep an eye on their loved one while watching TV.

Perimeter alarms and motion sensors

Technology has brought us a lot of great motion and perimeter control products. We have applications to fit any situation. From wireless poles that and can alert you when anybody is entering or leaving your yard, to portable units that can be placed on the fly. The pool alarm is a must have for anybody that has kids and a swimming pool.


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